Benefits of Dose Administration Aid (Webster Packs)

Dose Administration Aids (Webster Packs) are any kinds of devices which allow individual to take medication easily in a timely manner. People say taking 1-2 tablets of multivitamin every day is not difficult and missing 1-2 days dose is not a big deal. However, when it comes to a situation when you actually need to take tablets daily as a long term treatment, will you take it every day? Let’s talk about how Webster Packs can benefit and simplify your life.

Most people think Webster Packs is for elderly people or people who can’t manage their own medicines. Also, there is a misconception that using Webster Packs makes you feel that you are no longer capable of managing medicine. Yes, it can benefit those people the most, but it is not made for them only. Even though you saw a good doctor who diagnosed correctly with a perfect treatment plan, you wouldn’t expect to see a good treatment outcome if you don’t take your medicine every day. It is a simple logic, and this is how compliance is important.

Webster Packs saves your time and helps you forming a good habit with taking medicine. For instance, you can easily bring a daily dose packed in a medicine sachet to your work without cutting a blister pack or bringing a whole original box. When multiple medicines are taken, the ng regimen can be very complicated. Some of them can be once a day, three times a day or twice a day, etc. If you use Webster Packs, you don’t have to waste your time on checking medicine box and its instruction, and popping out tablets from blister packs. Using Webster Packs itself can also remind you when you missed the dose. For example, if your medicines are packed in sachets and you see leftover sachets, it will give you the eness that you are not complying the treatment plan what your doctor prescribed.

Nowadays, Webster Packs is evolving and is more than just plastic sachet. Some smartphone apps let you or your carer request Webster Packs service and provide a reminder service for an ily dose. Webster Packs is designed for everyone who wants to take any pills without missing dose. It is not an exclusive service for elderly people who can’t manage different, many medicines. Let the health professionals manage your medications using Webster Packs, you will save your effort and time.